Saskatoon Health Region – Research Approval Process

Any research, funded and non-funded, involving Saskatoon Health Region Resources and/or conducted in its facilities must receive formal “Operational Approval” before it may begin. This includes any research that utilizes the resources, data, programs and/or services of the Health Region, its patients/clients/residents, and also includes research conducted in its affiliates and community-based organizations. Saskatoon Health Region Operational Approval process allows for the review and approval of research projects that impact or affects any health region resources and has two components:

  1. Proof of Ethical Approval – Saskatoon Health Region has an agreement with the University of Saskatchewan Research Ethics Boards to provide ethical review and approval for all research conducted in Saskatoon Health Region. As part of the Operational Approval process, researchers are required to provide a copy of the Certificate of Approval or Notice of Exemption from Ethics Review from the University of Saskatchewan Research Ethics Board. The researcher is also required to submit a copy of their Researcher’s Summary and approved Consent Form, if applicable.
  2. SHR Department/Unit Impact Review – The purpose of this review is for the researcher to identify what Health Region departments are affected by the research and to determine each department’s ability to support the research. This information is collected together on the Operational Approval Application form.

For more information about obtaining Saskatoon Health Region Operational Approval for Research, please call Shawna Weeks at (306) 655-1442, or email .

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