University of Saskatchewan

September 20, 2014   

University Committee on Ethics in Human Research (UCEHR)

The University Committee on Ethics in Human Research (UCEHR) is an oversight committee designed in response to the Tri-Council Policy Statement requirement. Its function is to oversee the ethics review and education of research involving human subjects at the University of Saskatchewan. The UCEHR committee (word file) reports to the Vice-President Research and carries out the following duties:

  1. Adopt codes, guidelines, standards, policies, and procedures with respect to research ethics review for consistent application to different types of research; Conduct periodic review of the policies and procedures to ensure compliance with Tri-Council regulations and report changes to the Tri-Council; Approve procedures and address concerns of the REBs in regard to the terms of reference, application format, and standard operating procedures (SOPs); Address issues related to diversity and equity as they affect human ethics research; Assess, on an on-going basis, the administrative and academic resources needed for handling ethics review; Hear appeals of REB decisions (committee members who are also on the REB that originally heard the case would not participate); and
  2. Report to the administration.

For further information on UCEHR, please contact the the Director of the Research Ethics Office , Diane Martz , at (306) 966-8585.