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September 30, 2014   


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Adoption of Lab Animals Procedures
Animal Ethics Review Fee Procedures
Animal Use Frequency for Teaching Animals and Resident Herds/Colonies (DRAFT)
Animal Use Non-Compliance
Animal Use Protocol Review Full Review and Approval Process Procedures
Appeals of UCACS Decisions or AREB Decisions
AREB Chair Terms of Reference
Assessing Scientific Merit of Projects Relating to AUPs
Categorizing Animal Strains and Allowing for Exchange of Strains on AUPs Procedures
Chronic Housed Dogs and Cats Procedures
Experimental Animal Transport
Facility Veterinarian Process for Facility Managers
Housing University Animals Procedures
Maintenance of Procedure and Health Records for Research and Teaching Animals
Modification Submission to an Existing Animal Use Protocol
Monoclonal Ab Production Procedures
Morbidity/Mortality/Animal Welfare Incident Reporting
New and Ongoing Animal Use Protocol Review Procedures
Owner Consent Required for Animal Use Protocols
Pain Recognition and Management
Pest Control in UCACS Animal Facilities
Post-Approval Monitoring Program
Post-Approval Review of Animal Use Protocols
Protocol Review When Research Involves Two or More Institutions Procedures
Recovery Surgery During Regular Working Hours Procedures
Recovery Surgery on Rodents Procedures
Required Signatures and Signing Authority on Animal Use Protocols
Retroactive Approval of AUPs or Protocol Modifications Procedures
Review of Teaching Animal Use Protocols for Pedagogical Merit
Training Required for Approval of Animal Use Protocol Applications
UCACS Facility Veterinarians Terms of Reference
UCACS Terms of Reference