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September 22, 2014   

University of Saskatchewan Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EinR)

An Entrepreneur-in-Residence can be an opportunity for students, staff and researchers to have ready access to executives that bring a "real world" perspective to research.

The ILO's Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program supports this opportunity by recruiting a successful local entrepreneur to work within a specific College with researchers, professors, staff and students (stakeholders). The goal is to encourage new thinking for research goals by looking at how their research outcome could be applied in a commercial setting. It is anticipated that the EinR would help determine the commercial potential of existing research and help identify and support efforts to have technology commercialized.

Working with a specific College or Department, the EinR will also collaborate on the development of new educational events based on their specific industry knowledge. Creating outreach programs to local businesses is also an important part of the program.

What EinR Program Requires from Colleges and Departments

All U of S Colleges and Departments are eligible to participate in the program. Find out what the Program needs from you.

What EinR Requires from Potential Candidates

We are always seeking future EinR candidates and work to determine what College or Department would be the best fit. To find out more, please contact Laurel Reich, 966-4851 and check out our Q & A page.

What EinR Offers Students, Staff and Researchers.

Find out what the EinR can do for you.

Entrepreneur in Residence 2011-2012

Michael Chubb of Saskatoon Colostrum is the 2011-2012 EinR for the Western College of Veterinary Medicine and College of Agriculture and Bioresources.

Entrepreneur in Residence 2009-2010

The program was initiated in 2009, with Dale Lemke of International Display Systems as EinR for the Department of Computer Science in the College of Arts & Science and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department in the College of Engineering.

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