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September 30, 2014   

University of Saskatchewan Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EinR)

2009-2010 Entrepreneur in Residence

EinR The University of Saskatchewan Industry Liaison Office would like to thank Dale Lemke for being the 2009-2010 Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EinR) for the Department of Computer Science in the College of Arts & Science and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department in the College of Engineering at the U of S.

Dale is a native of Elgin, North Dakota and grew up on a farm located 22 miles outside of Mott, North Dakota. He attended the University of North Dakota (UND) in Grand Forks and graduated with honours in 1976 with a computer science major and a minor in math.

In 1983, Dale founded his own company called Display Systems International; designing and developing the first product called a character generator, which was software that was burned into a cartridge, turning the Atari game machine into a cable TV advertising and information display system. DSI continues to develop software products compatible with Windows Operating Systems that are used by the cable and private cable TV industry for advertising channels, community events and program listings. Over the last 22 years, about 95% of DSI’s sales have been made in the US to cable companies and schools, as well as other installations on Royal Caribbean’s newest cruise ship, which is the largest cruise ship in the world. Other sales have included the US Army, NASA, AT&T, Louisiana Power and Light and Caterpillar, and have been around the world in countries such as Korea, England, Dominican Republic, Argentina and Saudi Arabia. DSI has won numerous awards and recognitions.

Dale was a founding member of SATA (the Saskatchewan Advanced Technology Association), sat on the board of directors and executive council for the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce. Dale also sits on the Economic Development Committee for the NSBA (North Saskatoon Business Association). Mr. Lemke is also a founding member of SCN (the Saskatchewan Capital Network.

As a mentor, advisor and supporter of local entrepreneurs, Dale brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role of Entrepreneur-in-Residence.

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