University of Saskatchewan

September 16, 2014   


ILO has introduced the University of Saskatchewan community to Flintbox , an online platform for linking the world to academic research. Flintbox enables researchers to post digital content online and allows users to license, transact and download the content effectively and efficiently. Flintbox was developed out of the University of British Columbia to address the need of researchers who in their work have developed something that may be of value elsewhere and who require an effective mechanism for building awareness, marketing and delivering the materials online.

Flintbox is being made available to other academic institutions through collaboration with WestLink Innovation Network, a not-for-profit network of Western Canadian Institutions and their technology transfer offices.

Examples of content that have been posted on Flintbox are:

  • Software
  • Survey Instruments
  • Cellular Lines and Antibodies
  • Databases
  • Datasets used in a publication
  • Images
  • Courses and training materials
  • Patented inventions

If you have something that you think might apply, we would encourage you to contact or call our Administrative Coordinator at 306-966-1465 at the Industry Liaison Office.