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September 23, 2014   

Forge Ahead Fund

Forge Ahead Fund Program Description

The Forge Ahead Fund exists to aid in the commercial development of technologies disclosed and assigned to the University of Saskatchewan through the Industry Liaison Office. The fund is used to bring technology off the lab bench and to a prototype stage that clearly demonstrates commercial potential. Up to $25,000 is available for approved projects.


The Forge Ahead Fund is geared towards the early stages of development and demonstration on the R & D spectrum and cannot be used for basic or pure research. Generally projects are short term with clear deliverables that can be completed within six months to a year. Investigators will be expected to report their findings to the Industry Liaison Office.

The Forge Ahead Fund adds value to University of Saskatchewan developed technologies by eliminating some of the commercial uncertainties that normally surround a very early stage technology. The Industry Liaison Office anticipates that Forge Ahead funding will be used by Researchers as a stepping stone to external technology development programs.

If you are interested in applying for this funding, and have submitted a Report of Invention to the Industry Liaison Office, contact your case manager for more information.

N.B. Any Intellectual Property generated with this funding will be owned by the University of Saskatchewan. Funding under this program will accrue as a recoverable expense from future commercialization revenues.

Forge Ahead Fund FAQ

What is the difference between development and basic research?

Technology development and demonstration provides answers to questions that are relevant to the development of a commercial product. Answering these questions reduces the technical/commercial uncertainties that are a part of technology development.

Examples of commercial uncertainties:

  • Will technology work at an industrial scale?
  • What will the product/process cost to manufacture/complete?
  • What problem does this technology solve in the market place?
  • What manufacturing technology will be needed?
  • What are the capital costs of developing this technology into a product?

Typical development and demonstration (applied research) activities:

  • Proof of Principle: Put the theory or experiment into practice on a small scale;
  • Working Model: Building a prototype that functions as the product would; evaluate the invention in an animal model;
  • Scaling: Scale up a test version to a size that can represent an actual product;
  • Pilot Project: Build a small plant to test the process;
  • Market Evaluation: 3 rd party evaluation of the potential market;
  • Economic Feasibility: Economic issues surrounding commercialization.

How much funding is available?

Up to $25,000 is available for approved projects. Generally projects are short term with clear deliverables that can be completed within six months to a year.

What are allowable expenses?

Forge Ahead funding can be used to cover any allowable tri-council expense except capital equipment.

How do I apply?

A Report of Invention (ROI) must be filed with the Industry Liaison Office (ILO). Please contact your case manager for more information.

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