University of Saskatchewan

August 22, 2014   

List of Start-ups

Company Name Started Status Product or Service Web Site
101197960 Saskatchewan Ltd. 2012-2013 Active Life Sciences  
Prairie Tides 2010-2011 Active Agriculture
CETES 2009-2010 Active Toxicology
College Mobile Inc. 2009-2010 Active Information and Communication Technologies
AdeTherapeutics, Inc. (ATI) 2006-2007 Active Medical Products  
Quantum Genetics Holding Inc. 2002-2003 Active Animal Diagnostics  
IL Therapeutics Inc. 2002-2003 Active Acquired Pharmaceutical  
Triage Therapeutics Inc. 2002-2003 Inactive in 2005 Life Sciences  
BioNatCom Technologies Inc. 2001-2002 Inactive in 2010 Nutraceutical/Pharmaceutical Compounds  
Adnavance Technologies Inc. 2001-2002 Inactive in 2009 Bio/Nano Tech  
Forte Pharmaceutical Laboratories Inc. 2001-2002 Inactive in 2002 Drug Delivery  
On Target Electronic Design Inc. 2000-2001 Inactive in 2002 Hog Line Detector  
MCN BioProducts Inc. 1999-2000 Active Acquired in 2012 (Bunge) Bioprocessing
Cellfor Inc. 1999-2000 Active Acquired in 2012 (Arborgen) Plant Propagation and Forestry
Unsaturated Soil Technologies 1999-2000 Active Engineering Testing
ALviva Biopharmaceuticals Inc. 1996-1997 Inactive in 2004 Pharmaceutical  
Western Ag Innovations Inc. 1995-1996 Active Soil Probes
Saskatoon Colostrum Company 1994-1995 Active Animal Supplements
Pharmaderm Laboratories Ltd. 1991-1992 Active Acquired Pharmaceutical  
BIOSTAR Inc. 1984-1985 Active Acquired Biotech  

(Last Updated on Feb. 28, 2013)

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