University of Saskatchewan

September 23, 2014   

Prototype / Proof of Concept Funding

Most University-developed technologies require additional development to facilitate commercialization. There are several programs available from internal and external sources to support the transfer of University-based technologies to industry.

Internal Programs – Forge Ahead Fund

The Forge Ahead Fund exists to aid in the commercial development of technologies disclosed and assigned to the University of Saskatchewan through the Industry Liaison Office. The fund is used to bring technology off the lab bench and to a prototype stage that clearly demonstrates commercial potential. Up to $25,000 is available for approved projects. Please click here for more information.

External Programs

The Industry Liaison Office facilitates the application process for these programs by working with Researchers (who have filed a Report of Invention to apply for external prototype funding. Researchers and ILO staff work together to address both scientific and commercial implications for the technology. If you are interested in applying for these programs, contact your case manager at least one month in advance of the program application deadline.