University of Saskatchewan

September 17, 2014   

How do I report an invention?

If you feel that you have an invention with commercial potential, we ask that you first contact one of the tech transfer managers/officers at the Industry Liaison Office to discuss your technology. This discussion will give you an opportunity to explain your invention and highlight its advantages, to discuss how far your research has progressed, to discuss your future research plans, to discuss the possible market(s) for your invention, and to discuss any past or planned public disclosures of the invention.  At the end of this discussion, the tech transfer manager/officer will let you know whether they would like you to submit a formal report of invention (ROI) to the Industry Liaison Office.  If you are asked to fill out an ROI form, please take note of the following:

In Section 3 (Collaborators), be sure to list everyone who was involved in the conception of the invention and/or who assisted in the first making or demonstration of the invention.  This includes any and all relevant collaborators, students, technicians, etc.; regardless of whether they are affiliated with the University of Saskatchewan.

In part (a) of Section 9 (Publication/Disclosure), be sure to indicate any and all instances where information about the invention was made known to the public.  This includes conference proceedings, publications, non-confidential discussions, published grant proposals, information provided on web sites, information or materials shared with other labs/industry partners on a non-confidential basis, etc..  If you have made any written public disclosure(s) of the invention, such as papers or conference posters, please include a copy of each disclosure with the ROI form.

In Annex I, please provide a detailed background and thorough description of the invention.  If you have any prepared (or published) manuscripts relating to the invention, please include these with the ROI (these may be used as your detailed background and description if appropriate).  Ideally we would like to receive an electronic copy of any manuscript(s) in Word format.

Once you have filled out the ROI form, please have all potential inventors sign and date the form in Section 14 and return the completed form to the tech transfer manager/officer for review.


Form DescriptionWordPDFOther
Report of Invention - Word 2007 Format and Fillable PDF
Report of Invention - Word 2003 Format
Report of Invention - Rich Text Format