University of Saskatchewan

September 19, 2014   

Research Funding

Researchers are advised to contact the Research Facilitator for their specific discipline to discuss relevant internal and external research funding opportunities (see Grant Contact for additional details:

Partnering with Industry for Innovation

While it is impossible to include an exhaustive list, below are some major examples of federal programs which can leverage non-governmental funding. Click on the links for additional information on each program.

Research Grants

  • CIHR Industry-Partnered Operating Grants ( Description)
  • NSERC Collaborative Research & Development Program (CRD) ( Description)
  • NSERC Strategic Projects Program (SPP) ( Description)

Research Chair/Professorships

  • CIHR GlaxoSmithKline Inc. Research Chairs ( Description)
  • CIHR Industry-Partnered Research Chairs ( Description)
  • NSERC Industrial Research Chairs (IRC) ( Description)


  • CIHR Industry-Partnered Clinician Scientists ( Description)
  • CIHR Industry-Partnered Doctoral Research Awards ( Description)
  • CIHR Industry-Partnered Fellowship Awards ( Description)
  • CIHR Industry-Partnered Master’s Awards ( Description)
  • CIHR Industry-Partnered MD/PhD Studentships ( Description)
  • CIHR Industry-Partnered Operating Fellowship ( Description)
  • NSERC Industrial Postgraduate Scholarships (IPS) (Description )
  • NSERC Industrial Research Fellowships (IRF) ( Description)
  • NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) ( Description)