University of Saskatchewan

October 01, 2014   

Start-Up Company Program

The University of Saskatchewan Industry Liaison Office has established a Start-up Company Program to assist faculty, staff and student inventors to evaluate the feasibility of forming a start-up company and licensing their technology to that company in order to capture optimal value from the technology for the inventors, the university and the local and global economy.

A start-up is defined as a company started with the express intent of capturing value from technology invented at the University, where the University owns the IP and will have direct financial return through its commercialization.

A spin-off company is created based on technology developed by U of S stakeholders but not owned by the University. The University supports these stakeholders in the development/creation of their companies because it is a direct transfer of knowledge into the community with economic impact.

For more information on our Start-up Company Program, please contact:

Lorna Shaw-Lennox
Office of the Vice-President Research
Suite 501 - 121 Research Drive
Saskatoon, SK S7N 1K2
Phone: (306) 966-7338
Facsimile: (306) 966-7806


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