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September 21, 2014   

Business Plan Competition

2013 Tech Venture Challenge Eligibility Guidelines


How do you WIN?

Submit a business pthat includes actionable operational, marketing and financing plans based on sound technology that has identified commercial potential.

Who can WIN?

  • Individuals or Teams, as long as the Team Leader has the U of S affiliation.
    U of S affiliation includes students, post-doc, alumni, faculty and staff.
  • The business idea must be technology based
  • Business Start-Up must be located in Saskatchewan
  • Must be willing to participate in Tech Venture Challenge training workshops and programs.
  • If it is an existing company, the company must have been in operation less than one year, as of November 30th, 2012

What technology can WIN?

Any technology that adds higher value to products or services or creates new product or services can win. This technology can be in any sector - for example; ICT, Life Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Environmental.

TVC 2013 Timeline
TVC 2013 Sponsors

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