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September 19, 2014   

Who are we?

The Industry Liaison Office is responsible for the commercialization of research and knowledge developed by the University's researchers, faculty, staff and graduate students. Our focus is to foster and develop collaborative work environments between researchers, industry partners and funding agencies. We want to ensure that the relationships created through the commercialization of a technology continue to add value for all partners; leading to ongoing research projects for the inventor and the industry partner and to the commercialization of complementary technologies.

We work with the University's researchers, faculty, staff, and students to identify promising inventions arising from their research; to protect intellectual property (IP) that arises from their research; to develop go-to-market strategies; to negotiate commercial agreements; and to manage the resulting agreements and IP. For technologies that are accepted for commercialization by the Industry Liaison Office, it bears the initial risk and cost of protecting the intellectual property before the technology is commercialized. Just the IP protection costs can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Once a technology is commercialized, the University shares 50% of the net revenue with the inventors and distributes the remaining 50% between the Inventors' College(s) and the Office of the Vice President of Research. The licensing revenue for the Industry Liaison Office in the 2009/2010 fiscal year was almost $5 million, of which close to $2.5 million was shared with inventors.

Vision - Create Economic Value & Opportunity by Transferring University Research & Knowledge to Society

Mission Statement -
Accelerate the Commercialization of University Research & Knowledge

Objectives -
Client Focus, Service, Creation of Long-Term Partnerships

"The University of Saskatchewan has been on the forefront of green technology development for quite some time and partnering with the private sector to commercialize their work is a key part of their strategy. We are confident that the synergy between their technology and Carbon Sciences' technical and corporate strengths will make for a very successfully partnership, and move the world closer to significantly reducing the use of petroleum as the primary source of transportation fuels."

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