University of Saskatchewan

September 23, 2014   

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Student studies predator “alarm” in fish and frogs
Newly hatched baby turtles on Florida’s coast have been known to rush away from the ocean, rather than toward it as they normally would do.

Student scouts wild horses
As a horse lover, Sarah Medill has found the perfect PhD research job.

Balancing Indigenous rights and Arctic energy projects
Whether the issue is of the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline in British Columbia or shale gas extraction in New Brunswick, First Nations are asserting a more active role in resource development projects affecting their communities.

Student mapping language areas of the human brain
One. Won. Those two words might sound the same, but you probably used entirely different parts of your brain to read them. University of Saskatchewan neuroscience student Layla Gould is investigating uncharted regions of the brain, mapping out which areas are used for reading and picture processing—information which is already helping brain surgeons in Saskatoon.

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