University of Saskatchewan

September 23, 2014   


  • Student wants to bring forest back to Flin Flon     Dec 10, 2012
    Decades after fire and tree-cutting devastated the forest in Flin Flon, Man., researchers are trying to solve the mystery of why the forest has not grown back.
  • Student Takes Math to Heart     Dec 03, 2012
    As a child growing up in Iran, math problems really got Saeed Torabi’s heart pumping. As a PhD student, he is using his love of math to help build a computer simulation of a beating heart.
  • Student aims for better assessment of uranium toxicity in sediment     Nov 26, 2012
    University of Saskatchewan researchers are trying to improve the way regulators and mine operators assess the risk of metal contamination from effluent discharged in uranium mining.
  • Researcher hunts for hepatitis C cure     Nov 19, 2012
    A deadly virus with no symptoms until its end stages, the liver disease hepatitis C could threaten the health of the largest population in North America - baby boomers.
  • Finding cure for HIV a balancing act     Nov 13, 2012
    University of Saskatchewan researchers are studying a family of proteins produced in our own cells that can shut down HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.
  • Student studies diseases of wild urban rats     Nov 07, 2012
    Wild urban rats carry bacteria and viruses that can pose a significant health risk to people, yet very little is known about them in Canada.
  • Humour, media savvy key to ParticipAction’s success     Oct 29, 2012
    Before YouTube, ParticipAction’s television ads such as the 60-year-old Swede and Body Break were the viral videos of their day.
  • Student ambassadors promote science     Oct 22, 2012
    Exploring the particle physics of popcorn and the forces and geometry in hockey are just two ways student “science ambassadors” from the University of Saskatchewan are making science fun and relevant for young people in northern Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
  • Synchrotron shines light on prostate cancer     Oct 15, 2012
    University of Saskatchewan researchers are pioneering the use of synchrotron technology to study prostate cancer in humans and dogs.
  • History of province's early sex trade uncovered     Oct 09, 2012
    In 1910, an all-male jury in Saskatoon caused an uproar when the jurors acquitted notorious brothel madam Babe Belanger of attempting to bribe a police officer.
  • Genes key to rust resistance in wheat     Oct 05, 2012
    Saskatchewan plant scientists are working to stay one step ahead of a fungal disease — stripe rust — that they fear may be moving into the province and starting to reduce wheat crop yields.
  • Empowering First Nations in the Transition to Renewable Energy     Jul 03, 2012
    A University of Saskatchewan public policy student has won a prestigious national scholarship that will enable him to explore how policy changes could create opportunities for First Nations to produce renewable electricity for the power grid.
  • Berry Researcher Sees the Fruits of His Labour     Jul 03, 2012
    A University of Saskatchewan plant science student has been awarded the prestigious Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship to adapt the blue honeysuckle berry to grow in a warmer climate.