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September 18, 2014   

Dr. Donald Cockroft elected to prestigious national scholarly society

October 17, 2012

Dr. Donald Cockcroft, a professor in the Division of Respirology, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine in the College of Medicine, has been elected a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS), joining a distinguished group of nationally and internationally recognized leaders in biomedical and health sciences.

Over the course of his career beginning in the 1970s, Cockcroft has made key contributions to respiratory medicine. His research played an important role in recognizing asthma as an inflammatory disease and in the classification of asthma stimuli. He also developed a widely-used method for methacholine challenge, used to diagnose and evaluate the severity of asthma.

“Dr. Cockroft’s pioneering research has benefited the health of Canadians by improving our understanding, diagnosis, and management of asthma,” said U of S Vice-President Research Karen Chad. “His work has helped raise the national and international profile of the U of S as a leader in health research.”

Cockcroft is a co-founder of the Allergy, Genes and Environment Network’s Clinical Investigator Collaborative (CIC), a consortium of clinical trial investigators who collaborate with industry to accelerate the identification and development of new drugs for asthma treatments. He also maintains an active clinical practice at Royal University Hospital and is a co-founder of the U of S Airways Research Group.

His CAHS citation reads, in part: “Dr. Donald Cockcroft is a renowned and highly cited expert in asthma who has made significant contributions to respiratory medicine. His pioneering achievements have played a key role in our understanding of asthma and have impacted asthma diagnosis and management.”

The CAHS works in partnership with the Canadian Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society of Canada to form the Council of Canadian Academies. Comprised of Canada’s leading minds in health research and practice, it provides assessments and advice on key issues relevant to the health of Canadians.

Fifty-three new Fellows were elected this year. For a full list, go to

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