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September 21, 2014   

U of S Grad Student Aaron Beattie Receives Award for Research on Net Blotch in Barley

Aaron Beattie (left) with his supervisor, Brian Rossnagel
April 04, 2005 U of S plant sciences graduate student Aaron Beattie (left, with supervisor Brian Rossnagel) has been awarded the Young Scientist Footsteps Award for his research on net blotch in barley, a common fungal pathogen across Canada. Beattie, one of three students to be honored nationally, receives a $5,000 award on behalf of the Council for Biotechnology Information and a chance to share his work through a media relations campaign. The goal of Beattie’s research is to understand what gene triggers a resistance reaction in barley. The study will allow breeders to predict which resistance genes will be the most durable in the field.
Note: Due to erroneous source material, it was previously reported that Beattie was doing research on “saline resistant crops.” We regret this error.

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