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September 20, 2014   


December 09, 1999

In an effort to provide the first in-depth picture of the health of Saskatchewan people, researchers at Saskatchewan's two universities have teamed up to conduct a major survey of 7,000 residents by the summer of 2000.

The Saskatchewan Population Health and Dynamics Survey is being conducted independently for the province's health districts and is being paid for by Saskatchewan Health.

"Its results will provide the most through, comprehensive picture we have ever had." said Dr. David Butler-Jones, Saskatchewan's Chief Medical Health Officer. "Good, solid information is essential to make sure our health programs are as effective and efficient as they can be for all Saskatchewan people."

Professor Carl D'Arcy, Director of Applied Research at the University of Saskatchewan, said "By directly asking people about their health experiences and health practices, the survey will provide timely information essential to informed decision-making."

D'Arcy's group and the University of Regina's Sample Survey Unit led by Pamela Smith will each interview 3,500 Saskatchewan residents. The sample has been scientifically selected to be representative of the province's diverse population, drawing from both rural and urban residents, all age groups and both genders from all parts of the province.

To ensure confidentiality, all interviewers are sworn to maintain anonymity and confidentiality. Interviews are securely stored and only grouped data is reported.

Questions in the survey have been developed in consultation with the health districts and expert advisors. Issues to be probed include:

  • the health status and problems of Saskatchewan people
  • whether some health problems run in families
  • how people feel about themselves and their stress levels
  • the health care services that people use, including complementary therapies
  • health-related behaviors such as smoking, exercise, etc., and health protective practices
  • opinions about health issues

As well, the survey will assess the extent to which informal health care is provided by family members and friends.

The population health survey will provide information that will help design accessible, efficient and affordable health policies and programs for Saskatchewan people at the local, regional and provincial level.

Preliminary results are to be reported in the fall of 2000.

For more information, contact:

Carl D'Arcy
Director of Applied Research
University of Saskatchewan
(306) 966-8769

Pamela Smith
Sample Survey Unit
University of Regina
FAX: (306)-585-4784

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