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October 01, 2014   


May 04, 1999

Saskatchewan Health Minister Pat Atkinson today announced $200,000 in additional research funding to support seven research projects from researchers associated with the College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan.

"Health research is very important to people in this province and it is an area we have consistently supported over the years. This additional funding is another example of our commitment," Atkinson said. "Overall, provincial funding to external health research has grown more than 52 per cent since 1991-92 to approximately $4.9 million."

The $200,000 funding is being matched by the Medical Research Council (MRC) and augmented by the College of Medicine. This means the seven researchers will receive more than $400,000 in new funding. This will allow them to carry out projects which were highly rated but not funded in the September 1998 MRC grant competition.

The College of Medicine appreciates this support for health research," College of Medicine Dean, Dr. David Popkin said.

The research projects receiving bridge funding target a range of health issues including cancer, nerve cell injury, menopause, and circulatory disorders.

"This funding will enable seven important research projects to remain afloat," College of Medicine Assistant Dean (Research), Dr. Barry McLennan added. "I look forward to discussing with the Minister ways in which we can enhance health research funding in Saskatchewan."

For more information, contact:

Jeff Brown
Saskatchewan Health
Regina, SK
Phone: (306) 787-4088

Dr. Barry McLennan
Assistant Dean (Research)
College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, SK
Phone: (306) 966-4338

This new release courtesy of the Government of Saskatchewan

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