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October 01, 2014   


May 04, 1999

A special one-time grant of $103,500 will be awarded to the University of Saskatchewan by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) to stimulate increased participation in the federal funding agency's programs.

The money is to help researchers prepare applications to SSHRC programs and is specifically aimed at assisting younger researchers.

"This is very welcome news," said Julia Taylor, U of S Director of Research Services. "This should help boost both our application and success rates with SSHRC."

The special funding is being offered to universities across Canada under a formula that awards $250 for each faculty member whose discipline falls within SSHRC's mandate.

In a letter to President George Ivany, SSHRC states that support can be provided for a wide variety of activities related to the grant application process, including support for the development of partnerships or the building of research teams and networks.

Taylor will be meeting soon with members of the Associate Deans of Research Committee and the SSHRC President's Committee to come up with recommendations on how the money should be spent. She anticipates that Michael Corcoran, Vice-President Research, will be able to take a proposed plan to President Ivany by the end of May.

Six three-year SSHRC grants have been recently awarded to U of S faculty, a success rate of 31.6 per cent. Another seven U of S projects were approved but not funded due to lack of SSHRC funds.

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