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September 17, 2014   


May 18, 1999

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In the wake of allegations first raised this week that a faculty researcher counseled his assistant to falsify research data, the University of Saskatchewan will conduct a preliminary review to determine whether a full investigation is warranted in accordance with established university policy, says Assistant Medical Dean Barry McLennan.

"The University takes very seriously the integrity of the research process," said McLennan. "In the face of the facts as we know them to date, we view these allegations to be entirely false. IHOR is a well-respected research group that has participated in large research projects with the University of Toronto and other internationally known institutes."

He was responding to allegations filed in court this week by Emma Bartfay, a biostatistician who worked for the Institute for Health and Outcomes Research for eight months. Bartfay’s suit against IHOR research director David Cassidy and the U of S alleges that she was told to falsify conclusions.

Some media reports have suggested that Saskatchewan Government Insurance interfered with the research work. "To my knowledge, SGI, as a research sponsor, has been very careful not to interfere with the conduct of the research and the dissemination of the research results. It has been respectful of the internal research grant approval process of the University," he said.

Under established University procedures for dealing with issues related to integrity in scholarly work, the dean appoints a three-person panel of reviewers to conduct a preliminary assessment. If that panel recommends a full investigation, another three-person investigative team is appointed.

For more information on the investigative process, visit the U of S Research web site’s section on Ethics in Research:

McLennan stressed he could not discuss the specifics of the case as the case is now before the courts.

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