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October 01, 2014   


June 10, 1999

The U of S is seeking the publicís help to locate a box with two devices that contain potentially hazardous radioactive material.

The green, wooden box was in a truck that was stolen, along with other items, from a secured compound at the University of Saskatchewan in the early hours of June 9. The truck was locked in a building within the compound.

The box contains two bright-orange carrying cases labelled with the tri-foil radiation warning symbol. Inside the carrying cases are two devices used in soil science research to determine water content and density of soils. Each device, known as a neutron probe, contains a well-marked radioactive source that poses a very low hazard if properly handled.

The box measures about four feet long, by two feet wide, by two-half deep. It was covered by a grey tarp in the back of the truck, a 1992 Ford super cab, sandy in colour, with license plate number CYP308.

Atomic Energy Control Board (AECB) officials say the radiation emitted from the box is so low as to be virtually undetectable. However, if the box is found, the devices should not be opened or handled, and police, Crime Stoppers or 911 should be contacted immediately.

Children should be informed of the potential hazard if the boxes are found and cautioned not to approach the box or its contents.

The Universityís storage of the materials is in full compliance with AECB regulations, say AECB officials.

The break-in was discovered by U of S Security which alerted Saskatoon City Police and issued an alert to police stations across the country early today. Debbie Frattinger, U of S Radiation Safety Officer, immediately contacted AECB officials.

For more information, contact:

Kathryn Warden
Research Communications Officer
University of Saskatchewan
Tel: (306) 966-2506

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