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September 21, 2014   

U of S team wins international business competition

April 10, 2006

Published in The Star Phoenix, Monday, April 10, 2006

For the second time in three years, a group of six University of Saskatchewan commerce students has won an international competition for successfully running a simulated business.

At the 42nd annual International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition in San Diego, the students manipulated a computer simulation to have the highest share price, highest net income and best balance sheet for investors of their imaginary headphone company, IDS Technologies.

The team of Dustin Bartsch, Matt Greenberg, Stacey Sikorski, Marlaina Hauser, Lindsay Madson and John Thorpe also prepared the second-best annual report among the other undergraduate competitors.

The group beat out five other groups of students from universities around the globe. Thirty student groups at varying levels of education took part in the competition.

U of S commerce assistant professor Ayten Archer teaches the students and said the competition is excellent real-world experience for the business hopefuls.

"It really benchmarks us with business schools around the globe," Archer said of the students' win. "It allows the students to view themselves as world-class business students."

Another group of U of S commerce students also won the competition in 2004.

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