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September 30, 2014   

Students Receive Awards for Swine Research Presentations

WCVM Students Rayna Gunvaldsen (right) and Heather James (left).
May 01, 2006

In March, WCVM students Rayna Gunvaldsen (right) and Heather James (left) were among the 15 finalists invited to present their research at the American Association of Swine Veterinarians' annual meeting in Kansas City.  Judges selected presenters from a pool of 35 applicants representing veterinary schools across North America.  Gunvaldsen received a second-place $2,500 scholarship while James received a third-place $1,500 award. The AASV Foundation provided the awards with sponsorship from Elanco Animal Health.  Gunvaldsen's study evaluated the effect of inducing farrowing in sows on the post-natal performance of their piglets, as well as the efficacy of a novel injection site for administering labour-inducing drugs.  James' research focused on the impact of injectable and oral iron treatments on the performance and hematological values of suckling and nursery piglets. 


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