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August 27, 2014   

ETRUS Day 2008 - March 12, 2008

March 10, 2008

ETRUS (Electronic Text Research at the University of Saskatchewan) is hosting a day of presentations and public lectures to celebrate and inspire digital humanities research by scholars at the University of Saskatchewan and abroad. ETRUS Day 2008 will take place on March 12 Wednesday, and will include:

  • Project posters and presentations outside Arts 241 (Neatby-Timlin Theatre), at the top of the ramp in the Arts Building;
  • A public lecture by Dr Raymond Siemens, Canada Research Chair in Humanities Computing, University of Victoria, at 1:30 pm in Arts 241 (Neatby-Timlin Theatre);
  • A public lecture by Dr Peter Stoicheff, Associate Dean of Humanities, University of Saskatchewan, at 3:30 pm in Arts 241 (Neatby-Timlin Theatre);
  • And many chances to talk to ETRUS researchers about their work.

For more information about ETRUS Day, please contact Yin Liu,

For information about ETRUS, go to our website at

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