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September 23, 2014   

Government Invests in Research Projects to Study Brain Activity

AEEL Minister Rob Norris (right) talks with research grant recipient John Howland (far left) and group leader Michael Corcoran (centre) during lab tour
April 09, 2010

Prepared by the Government of Saskatchewan.

Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan are benefiting from the funding support of the provincial government. The Government of Saskatchewan is investing in two research projects through the Innovation and Science Fund (ISF) that study brain activity.

The government is committing $148,000 for the Two-photon Laser Imaging System to Study Astrocyte-Cerebravascular Communications and $55,000 for the Behavioural and Electrophysiological Neuroscience Research Laboratory. The Two-photon Laser Imaging project will provide research on astrocyte-cerebrovascular communication to understand the pathology of neurological conditions, while the research laboratory will advance our understanding of mental disorders, such as schizophrenia, drug addiction and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

The government previously committed $360,000 to establish an electrophysiology and imaging laboratory.

"The Government of Saskatchewan understands that research and innovation are critical to our province's future economic success and ability to compete in the global, knowledge-based economy," Advanced Education, Employment and Labour Minister and Minister responsible for the ISF and Vice Chair of the Innovation Saskatchewan Board Rob Norris said. "This support will attract leading researchers, strengthen Canada's capacity for innovation and ultimately improve our quality of life."

"The Provincial ISF has been essential as a financial match for Canada Foundation for Innovation projects at the U of S," Associate Dean, Research in the College of Medicine Jim Thornhill said. "This funding has supported the establishment of research laboratories for all the Canada Research Chairs and many new faculty members at the U of S. By this investment, the provincial government has demonstrated its confidence in our researchers in allowing them to obtain larger pieces of novel equipment to bring the latest innovation to their work. We deeply appreciate the government's commitment to the ISF fund as this investment will have lasting positive effects in this province, both for training and with new research and health outcomes."

These projects are part of the provincial government's annual contribution of $11.5 million to support research projects at the province's universities.


For more information, contact:

Marieka Barrie
Advanced Education, Employment and Labour
Phone: 306-798-3170

Laura Herman
College of Medicine, U of S
Phone: 306-966-6059

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