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September 19, 2014   

New U of S-U of R Research Partnership to Seek Clean Energy Solutions

Todd Pugsley
May 20, 2010

The University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan have signed a memorandum of understanding to create the Saskatchewan Energy Innovation Alliance (SEIA), a project-driven, interdisciplinary partnership that will establish a network of partners involved in clean energy solutions to meet energy demands in Saskatchewan and across Canada.

SEIA will foster innovation in meeting Saskatchewan’s current and future energy needs. It will develop strong key partnerships both within and outside of the province that will establish the necessary expertise in clean energy production.

“Addressing the need for clean and renewable energy is an important area of University of Saskatchewan research,” said University of Saskatchewan President Peter MacKinnon. “Interdisciplinary teams are working on critical energy topics such as coal and biomass gasification, the energy-water interface, and land-use strategies for future energy resource development. By establishing strategic partnerships with government, industry and academic institutions, Saskatchewan can achieve national prominence as an energy centre of excellence and seize opportunities that would not otherwise be available.”

Building on the universities’ existing areas of strength, SEIA will initially focus on advancements in carbon capture and storage and in gasification, adding value to the province’s coal and oil sands resources while meeting future greenhouse gas targets.

“This alliance is a natural fit with the University of Regina’s commitment to research and development in environmentally sustainable energy production,” said University of Regina President Vianne Timmons. “We are contributing to the education of the next generation of leaders in energy technologies and policy development.”

In the near term, SEIA’s areas of focus include preparation of a consolidated report on power generation options for Saskatchewan, research on the bio-refinery value-added concept (from energy crops to renewable fuels), public engagement with emphasis on informing public debate on Saskatchewan’s energy options, and First Nations engagement in energy-oriented programs.

As a key part of its long-term strategy, SEIA will build and maintain strategic collaborations with other energy consortia in Canada and internationally, and bring a strong Western voice to the development of national energy policy.



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