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September 20, 2014   

U of S ILO licenses key component of greenhouse gas-to-gasoline technology

January 05, 2011

A catalyst that helps turn greenhouse gases into gasoline and other fuels has been licensed to California-based Carbon Sciences through the University of Saskatchewan Industry Liaison Office (ILO).

The exclusive world-wide agreement, announced December 27, 2010, eliminates a major development hurdle for Carbon Sciences’ dry reforming of methane technology. This technology transforms carbon dioxide and methane – both potent greenhouse gases – into synthesis gas (syngas), a basic feedstock for producing gasoline and other fuels.

While the company had made some progress in developing a catalyst, it was stymied by problems such as carbon deposits that fouled the catalyst. Meanwhile, U of S engineering professor Hui Wang and his team had developed a catalyst – the product of a decade of development – that fit the bill. It offers high conversion rates with no significant carbon buildup, which means the catalyst remains active over long periods of time. Wang’s team has successfully tested the catalyst for 2,000 hours of continuous operation in a bench top reactor.

More information on the agreement and Carbon Sciences’ breakthrough greenhouse gas transformation technology is available online here:

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