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September 30, 2014   

SPHERU granted $750,000 to study foundations of healthy communities

From left: Bonnie Jeffery and Nazeem Muhajarine
January 12, 2011

Why do some people – and even whole communities – enjoy better health than others?

Researchers from the Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit (SPHERU), an interdisciplinary research unit with the University of Regina and University of Saskatchewan, have been granted $750,000 over three years from the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation (SHRF) to find out.

This funding supports SPHERU’s continued commitment to critical population health and community-based research. Led by researchers Bonnie Jeffery at the U of R and Nazeem Muhajarine at the U of S, the group has a permanent presence in Saskatoon, Regina, and Prince Albert, and conducts research with communities across the province.

The ultimate goal for SPHERU’s research program is to help reduce health inequities in Saskatchewan’s most vulnerable populations, including children and both aboriginal and non-aboriginal seniors, in rural and remote communities as well as urban environments.

“This initiative is very much a partnership among researchers and Saskatchewan communities,” said Bonnie Jeffery, project lead and SPHERU director. “Together, we hope what we learn will help shape policy and inform development of programs to improve people’s health through attention to those interventions that are most effective for specific populations.”

Building on SPHERU’s 10 years of knowledge and expertise in population health research, the Population Health Intervention Research: Addressing Health Inequities in Vulnerable Populations program will apply an interdisciplinary approach to address the growing issue of health inequity through population health intervention research.

“This program is an important example of how interdisciplinary, collaborative research across educational institutions in our province can help us understand and address the needs of our communities, and develop solutions that will directly benefit them,” said University of Regina President and Vice-Chancellor Vianne Timmons.

“Partnerships among our universities and our communities, supported by agencies such as SHRF, are a powerful strategy for creating new knowledge,” said University of Saskatchewan President Peter MacKinnon. “This is research that promises real, positive impact for Saskatchewan people.”

“We fund the work of researchers, facilitate the growth of health research and promote the value of the R&D sector of our health system,” said SHRF CEO June Bold. “This grant, over the next three years, will provide valuable input into population health, one of the critical pillars of this province’s health research strategy. We congratulate the SPHERU on its continuing efforts to address inequities in population health and enhance collaboration in our health research enterprise in Saskatchewan.”

Since 1999, SPHERU has established itself as a leader in population health research through its mission to promote health equity by addressing population health disparities through policy-relevant research.

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