Key Researchers

The world-class researchers noted below have collectively attracted grants and contracts in excess of $7 million per year for the last four years.

Between 2003 and 2008, this group has trained highly qualified personnel including 10 Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) fellowship holders.

Just a few of their accomplishments in this area are listed below:

Biomass Gasification

Ajay Dalai (Tier 2 CRC, Department of Chemical Engineering)

Ajay is a Canada Research Chair in Bio-Energy and Environmentally-Friendly Chemical Processing

Scientific Expertise: Bio-Energy and environmentally-friendly chemical processing

Ajay is one of the University’s most prominent biofuel researchers, and his collaboration with U of S Mechanical Engineering researchers, have shown the positive lubricity effects of biodiesel additives on engine performance. He is also creating new and better ways to convert biomass into hydrogen.

Ajay Dalai, Canada Research Chair in Bio- Energy and Environmentally Friendly Chemical Processing, is developing more economical, renewable sources of energy and “greener” chemical processing methods. Read more »

Martin Reaney (Saskatchewan Agri-Food Chair)

Biodiesel Development Task Force Read more »

Biodiesel: Basics and Beyond Read more »

Scientific Expertise: Vegetable oil chemistry and oil seed processing

Ken van Rees (Agri-Food Innovation Fund Chair)

Scientific Expertise: Agroforestry and afforestation

The U of S is a leader in second and third generation biofuels agronomy, and Ken has developed fast-growing popular trees that industry is seriously considering using as a potential cash crop for biofuels.

Canadian Carbon Program Read more »

Developing a National Agroforestry and Afforestation Network for Canada Read more »

Nahandra Bakhshi (Professor Emeritus Chemical Engineering)

Scientific Expertise: Biofuels, pyrolysis, gasification

Dr. Bakhshi is now retired and winding down much of his work in this area. His work is significant in that he pioneered much of the biofuels work done at the U of S 40 years ago.

Todd Pugsley (Professor of Chemical Engineering)

Scientific Expertise: Fluidized bed biomass gasification

Working with Dalai and Fonstad, Todd has shown that the meat and bone meal powder residue from cattle rendering plants can be gasified to produce a gaseous product rich in hydrogen, carbon monoxide and methane, and plans are underway to transfer this knowledge to the cattle rendering industry to help them reduce their reliance on natural gas for heating, while destroying a problematic waste stream. Read more »

School of Environment and Sustainability

Gordon Hill (Professor of Chemical Engineering)

Scientific Expertise: Ethanol production processes

Venkatesh Meda (Professor of Agricultural and Bioresource Engineering)

Scientific Expertise: Biomass processing

Terrance Fonstad (Professor of Agricultural and Bioresource Engineering)

Scientific Expertise: Energy from agricultural waste

Lope Tabil (Professor of Agricultural and Bioresource Engineering)

Scientific Expertise: Biomass densification