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July 25, 2014   

Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI)

Infrastructure Operating Fund (IOF) NEW (July 20, 2011)

Contributes to the incremental operating and maintenance costs associated with projects funded by the CFI to maximize the efficient utilization of research infrastructure.

Application and Reporting Process
Project Leader Responsibilities
Application Process
Annual Reporting Requirements



The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) has created the Infrastructure Operating Fund (IOF) to assist institutions with addressing operating and maintenance costs to ensure optimal operation of CFI-funded infrastructure.  CFI provides each institution with an allocation based on the CFI contribution to eligible projects funded since July 1, 2001.  Eligible projects generate a one-time IOF allocation of 30% of the CFI contribution as at award finalization.  Each institution is responsible for deciding how to divide the IOF allocation among the eligible projects.

The University of Saskatchewan has created the Institutional Allocation Plan to manage the internal distribution of IOF funding.  Project Leaders are advised to work with their Dean/delegate and Department Head to find synergies between CFI-funded projects and to submit joint proposals, where possible, for more efficient use of the IOF funding.  When submitting individual applications for IOF, Project Leaders are recommended to request up to 75% of the IOF generated by their project (CFI portion of capital project X 30% X 75% = IOF request e.g. $60,000 X 30% X 75% = $13,500). 

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Project Leader Responsibilities

Project Leaders, along with their Dean’s Office and Department Head, who accept IOF are responsible for:

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Application Process

February Institutional Programs Office (IPO) invites eligible Project Leaders to submit a request for IOF.

Project Leaders submit one signed original hard copy of the IOF Application Form - Excel, - PDF to the IPO for CFI Advisory Committee Review.  

Refer also to Tips for Completing the IOF application. Examples of a Successful IOF Application: #1, #2.


IPO notifies Project Leaders of the funding decision.


IPO compiles the successful internal IOF Application Forms and submits the annual institutional request to CFI.

July Project Leaders submit the
July A Fund # will be created in the Project Leader's name for each approved project.

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Annual Reporting Requirements

Project Leaders submit the following internal reports (IPO will send a reminder):
IPO compiles the internal reports and submits the annual institutional request to CFI.
Funds budgeted for each year (i.e. April to March) are distributed to the Fund #.

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Canada Foundation for Innovation - Policy and Program Guide (Sections 2.3, 4.6, 6.8, 6.10)

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