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August 27, 2014   

Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI)

2006 Leading Edge Fund (LEF)

To enable institutions to build on and enhance already successful and productive initiatives supported by past CFI investment(s), and thereby secure and further enhance highly competitive research or technology development efforts.

Institutional Awards
Eligibility - to be developed upon announcement of next competition
Timelines for Competitions - to be announced
Funding for LEF Applications - to be developed
Matching Funds - to be developed
Committees and Roles - NEW (October 6, 2008)
Application Process - to be developed
Award Announcement
Award Acceptance and Post-Award Procedures - includes Purchasing Information - NEW (October 6, 2008)
Post-award Administration
Forms and Information Sheets
Useful Links

Institutional Awards

Awards from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) are granted to the university as an institution rather than to an individual Faculty member. Therefore, the Vice-President Research (VPR) is accountable for all aspects of the award. The CFI has detailed policy and program guidelines and reporting requirements related to the use and administration of the funds. To increase the success rate of CFI applications, the University of Saskatchewan has implemented an internal application development and review process at the pre-submission stage. The Innovation Programs Unit coordinates the application process and oversees post-award administration of all CFI awards on behalf of the VPR.

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To be developed upon announcement of the next competition.

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Timelines for Competitions

Next Competition - to be announced

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Funding for LEF Applications

To be developed upon announcement of the next competition.

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Matching Funds

To be developed upon announcement of the next competition.

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Committees and Roles

The CFI Advisory Committee (PDF) - NEW (October 2008) is chaired by the Vice-President Research and consists of Deans and Associate Deans and representatives from University of Saskatchewan committees and the Canadian Light Source. The committee advises the Vice-President Research on the management and implementation of the CFI program at the U of S.

The CFI Working Committee (PDF) - NEW (October 2008) consists of senior Faculty members from each of the Colleges and the Canadian Light Source. The committee assists Project Leaders with the development of CFI applications and provides recommendations to the CFI Advisory Committee.

The CFI Admin Group consists of representatives from Facilities Management Division; Information and Technology Services; Department of Health, Safety & Environment; and Purchasing Services and is coordinated by the Innovation Programs Unit (IPU). The IPU consists of the Manager, Programs Officers, and Financial Officers who coordinate the application development process, assist with developing the Budget Module and navigating CFI and University policies and procedures. The Admin group works with the IPU to provide pre- and post-award assistance with equipment purchases, space and renovation requirements, and University policies and procedures. The IPU also oversees post-award administration of the project. Admin Group/IPU Contacts List (PDF) - NEW (October 2008).

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Application Process

To be developed upon announcement of the next competition.

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Award Announcement

All communications regarding the award status must remain confidential until CFI makes their first public announcement. The University of Saskatchewan Research Communications Office will coordinate all public research communication activities in consultation with the Project Leader.

The CFI Review process takes approximately 4 to 6 months. The Innovation Programs Unit will notify each Project Leader as soon as the results of their application are received from CFI and will provide information on finalizing award agreements for matching funds and the CFI Award Acceptance Process.Please consult with the Innovation Programs Unit before beginning any purchasing for the CFI project.

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Award Acceptance and Post-Award Procedures

The Innovation Programs Unit (IPU) will assist the Project Leader with any applications for matching funds and with finalization of the agreements/contracts for matching funds. After agreements for matching funds are finalized, the IPU will facilitate a CFI Project Post-Award Meeting between the Project Leaders and the CFI Admin Group to discuss procedures for CFI purchasing and renovations, project reporting requirements and any other concerns that may arise.When all agreements for matching funds are finalized, all relevant certificates for health and safety and ethics are filed, and project space is available, the IPU submits the Confirmation of Award Agreement and Itemized List of Expenses form to CFI. After the Award Agreement documents are sent to CFI, purchasing for the project may begin in consultation with the IPU office. See CFI Post-Award Procedures - NEW (October 6, 2008) for details.

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Post-award Administration

CFI awards are institutional awards and therefore, the Vice-President Research holds project funds. The Innovation Programs Unit, on behalf of the Vice-President Research, will administer each award and assist the Project Leader throughout the process.

CFI awards are executed differently from awards through other granting agencies, as follows:

  • The Innovation Programs Unit must authorize all expenditures for the award
  • The Innovation Programs Unit is responsible for:
    • Coordinating all CFI and other funding reports. Each Project Leader will be asked to prepare status reports as needed
    • Providing all financial statements to the funding partners
    • Notifying each Project Leader prior to closing the project file

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Useful Links

Strategic Plans and Initiatives including the Strategic Research Plan - U of S - NEW (October 6, 2008)
CFI Policy and Program Guide - CFI Website - NEW (October 6, 2008)
LEF - CFI Website - not currently available, CFI website under revision - NEW (October 6, 2008)

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