University of Saskatchewan

September 16, 2014   

Resources and Links
  1. Researching Your Opportunities

    There are a wide range of agencies that support international research, broadly defined. In researching your options, the following sources might be useful.

    a. Funding Guide for International Science and Technology Cooperation (Funding Guide) - This guide provides an excellent searchable database by country and agency.

    b. The Office of Liaison with International Financial Institutions (OLIFI), based at the Canadian Embassy in Washington D.C., provides a number of services for faculty interested in exploring training, evaluation and advisory services with the multilateral and regional development banks (e.g. Inter-American Development Bank, World Bank). They have published several reports that provide excellent advice on sectoral areas of interest to University of Saskatchewan faculty (e.g., governance, water and sanitation, environment, education).

  2. Contract/Grant Administration

    International research programs adhere to the same policies and procedures for contracts and grants . University overhead policy is discussed here. Some procedures may depend on particular circumstances so faculty are advised to contact the International Research unit.

Private Foundations

Tri-Council Agencies

Federal Agencies

International Organizations

World Bank and Regional Development Banks