University of Saskatchewan

September 18, 2014   

  • Providing guidance to faculty, graduate students and administration on all aspects of the project cycle relating to international research & development projects, partnership development, advisory services and training contracts
  • Liaising with international agencies, Canadian government departments, universities and the NGO sector to promote faculty involvement and accountability of externally funded research
  • Overseeing all contracts and grant agreements relating to international research and/or development projects
  • Supporting the work of the Tri-Council Research Facilitators to expand international opportunities available in those programs

Considering an International Project? Interested in Developing an International Partnership?

If you are a researcher at the University of Saskatchewan and have an international project in mind, contact us. We can arrange a face to face meeting and recommend funding agencies that may be interested in supporting your work or may be able to connect you to other researchers at the U of S who already have a program in place.

Special Events

Periodically, our office will coordinate events on campus relating to specific geographic or thematic areas of research. For example, we recently hosted a roundtable health session on Ukraine, with academics interested in developing partnerships and research collaborations with institutions in Ukraine.

If you would like to be included in future events, email us with your areas of interest (both by discipline and geographic region) and we will add you to our database of researchers. The next time a visiting speaker or internal event relating to your interests comes, we'll be sure to let you know.