University of Saskatchewan

September 22, 2014   

Types of Contracts Administered

  1. Contract Research

  2. Agreement to conduct defined research where financial support is provided according to agreed upon schedule of payments or reimbursements. Typically, some Intellectual Property rights are granted to sponsor.

  3. Grant-in-Aid

  4. Agreement to transfer funds in support of a research program. There is no transfer of Intellectual Property rights to sponsor.

  5. Contribution

  6. Similar to a Grant-in-Aid, but the sponsor typically participates in the research. In some instances, Intellectual Property rights are granted to the sponsor.

  7. Clinical Trial

  8. Agreement to conduct clinical study with human subjects. For studies where the protocol has been developed by the sponsor, typically no Intellectual Property rights are granted to the University. For those studies which are Investigator initiated, it is more common for Intellectual Property rights to be retained by the University.

  9. Technical Service

  10. Agreement to carry out specifically defined services. The sponsor usually owns the data generated and no Intellectual Property is typically expected to be developed. The University would typically own the Intellectual Property rights to any new test methods/apparatus developed.

  11. Network for Centres of Excellence

  12. Inter-university agreements, sponsored by industry and the federal government.

  13. Memoranda of Understanding

  14. Institutional arrangements where the parameters of the relationship are defined at a fairly high level. Typically, very few of the commitments made are legally binding.

  15. Affiliation

  16. Agreement establishing a partnership arrangement with another institution.

*The Industry Liaison Office is responsible for administering other agreements such as Material Transfer and Confidential Disclosure agreements, as well as agreements related to technology transfer activities. Should there be any uncertainty about the responsible institutional authority for a particular agreement, please contact the Research Services Contracts Unit, 966-2974.