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July 23, 2014   

About Student Research News

Students at the University of Saskatchewan are engaged in a wide variety of fascinating research, scholarly and artistic projects. Most U of S undergraduate programs feature a three- or six-credit honours or research project. Depending on their discipline, students also participate with their professors in fieldwork, software and engineering design competitions, laboratory experiments, and cultural presentations such as concerts and plays. These experiences provide exciting training opportunities and greatly enrich both the graduate and undergraduate learning experience.

Student Research News includes profiles of student researchers, and news briefs on student research, as well as links to graduate student profiles from On Campus News.

Faculty or students are encouraged to contact Research Communications at 966-1425 or with news of student research.

Office of the Vice-President Research
Research Communications
110 Gymnasium Place
Box 5000 RPO University
Tel: (306) 966-1425
Fax: (306) 966-2411


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