University of Saskatchewan

September 16, 2014   

2004 Spark Stories

September 10, 2004: Prenatal testing found to be complex issue
      By Kristina Bergen

Today prenatal imaging techniques such as ultrasound are so common as to be assumed a natural part of pregnancy. And many mothers have the pictures to prove it.

September 10, 2004: Research team looks at humane darting of grizzlies
      By Kristina Bergen

U of S veterinary experts and their colleagues in the Northwest Territories have teamed up with RCMP forensic scientists to find better darting techniques for immobilizing grizzly bears and other wildlife.

February 6, 2004: Study tests impact of moms’ medications on babies
      By Kristina Bergen

A University of Saskatchewan researcher is developing a mathematical prediction model that will help determine which medications a mother can safely take while breastfeeding.

January 23, 2004: Ads exercise messages studied
      By Kristina Bergen

Consumers spend billions of dollars every year on aerobics videos, athletic equipment, workout-wear, and numerous other exercise-related products. Yet two-thirds of Canadians are not active enough to meet federal physical health guidelines, says a U of S commerce professor.