University of Saskatchewan

September 20, 2014   

Vanier Scholars

Empowering First Nations in the Transition to Renewable Energy
A University of Saskatchewan public policy student has won a prestigious national scholarship that will enable him to explore how policy changes could create opportunities for First Nations to produce renewable electricity for the power grid. [ See full story ]

Berry Researcher Sees the Fruits of His Labour
A University of Saskatchewan plant science student has been awarded the prestigious Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship to adapt the blue honeysuckle berry to grow in a warmer climate. [ See full story ]

U of S Student Studies Tick DNA to Get Ahead of Potential Health Threat
While most people try to keep blood-sucking parasites as far away as possible, University of Saskatchewan biology student Chantel Krakowetz surrounds herself with ticks to study their population genetics and the bacteria they contain. [ See full story ]

Smallpox Vaccine Inspires Research Career for U of S Student
Back in his native India, Channakeshava Umeshappa was studying to become a veterinarian when he came across the history of smallpox and recognized the power of vaccination to change the world. [ See full story ]