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Ajay Dalai - Elected to Engineering Institute of Canada

U of S Chemical engineering professor Ajay Dalai has been named a Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC), one of only 20 such awards this year across all engineering disciplines in Canada and the only one from Saskatchewan.

Fellows are named for their “exceptional contributions to engineering in Canada.” Dalai, who holds the Canada Research Chair in Bio-energy and Environmentally Friendly Chemical Processing, is working to create processes to produce “green” fuels.

For example, a project recently funded through NSERC aims to develop catalysts to strip out the extra oxygen in vegetable oils such as waste canola, rapeseed, used cooking oil etc. to produce heat stable biodiesel that mixes easily with petroleum diesel for superior performance. The team is also working on a process to produce biofuel from lignocellulosic biomass, such as waste material from the forestry industry. The project is a collaborative effort among Dalai’s group and colleagues at the University of Toronto, York University, and Université Laval.

The EIC awards, including the Fellowships, will be presented at a gala dinner in Ottawa on March 5 to mark Engineering Week in Canada.

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