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John Giesy - Elected to the Royal Society of Canada

John Giesy, Canada Research Chair in Environmental Toxicologywill be inducted into the RSC during a ceremony at the society's annual general meeting in Ottawa in November. Members of the RSC are selected by their peers for outstanding contributions in their fields. 

Prof. Giesy is one of the world's most renowned environmental toxicologists and is the second-most cited author internationally in the combined fields of ecology and environmental science. His team has recently developed a screening test for hormone disruptors in the environment, a test that has been approved for use by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is being adopted as a world-wide standard.

In 2009, Giesy, a professor of veterinary biomedical sciences, was named Einstein Professor by the Chinese Academy of Science and most recently was appointed Distinguished Honorary Professor at Saudi Arabia's King Saud University.

His citation reads, in part: "John P. Giesy is among the world's most influential environmental toxicologists whose work in ecological risk assessment, including aquatic, wildlife and avian toxicology, has had global impact. His discoveries include the cause of deformities and lethality in birds of the Great Lakes, photo-enhanced toxicity and the presence of perfluorinated chemicals in the environment, an important new class of contaminants widely used in common commercial products..."

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