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Ajay Dalai - Fulbright Program

Ajay Dalai, Canada Research Chair in Environmentally Friendly Chemical Processing and associate dean research in the U of S College of Engineering, has been granted a Fulbright Scholar Award to the University of California, Davis. As the Fulbright Scholar at UC Davis, Dalai will conduct research to develop an integrated process for the complete conversion of biomass to alcohols, phenols and methane using supercritical technology.

“It is with a great deal of pleasure that I welcome Dr. Ajay Dalai to the distinguished group of Canada-U.S. Fulbright Scholars,” said Michael Hawes, Executive Director of Fulbright Canada. “Dr. Dalai is extremely deserving of this award, and I have no doubt his research will produce unique and critical insights into biofuels production processes, which will have tremendous impact on both sides of the border.”

Dalai’s research has made significant contributions to the development of catalysts for biodiesel production, and hydroprocessing of gas oils and gas-to-liquid technologies.

“Ajay’s work is so important not only here in Saskatchewan, but around the world,” said U of S Vice-President Research Karen Chad. “His appointment as a Fulbright Scholar with UC Davis is a great reminder of what the U of S has to offer in terms of contributing to the development of sustainable energy alternatives.”

Dalai, who earned his PhD in Engineering at the U of S, has presented his work at conferences around the world, and collaborated with internationally renowned colleagues in the fields of bioengineering in the United States, India, Japan, China and Germany.

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