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Ajay Dalai - Canadian Academy of Engineering

U of S Chemical engineering professor Ajay Dalai has been named a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, one of 49 Fellows elected in 2012. The CAE is a national institution providing advice and engineering expertise on matters of importance to Canadians. Fellows of the CAE are elected by their peers "in view of their distinguished achievements and career-long service to the engineering profession." Professor Dalai, a Canada Research Chair in Bio-energy and Environmentally Friendly Chemical Processing, is working to create processes to produce "green" fuels.


For outstanding contributions to the field of engineering, including: heterogeneous catalyst developments for gas to liquid (GTL) technologies; biodiesel production and applications; hydrogen/syngas production from waste materials; nanotechnology; hydroprocessing of gas oils; value-added products from biomass; and clean coal and gas processing technologies. Professor Dalai is recognized for significant contributions in these areas through extensive publications in international journals and conference proceedings, and invited conference presentations. As a mentor he has supervised 50 graduate and post-graduate students. He has contributed to many committees and conferences, has been a board member of several international journals and active in many networks and societies.

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