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Peter Li - Elected to the Royal Society of Canada

Peter Li, professor in the Department of Sociology, was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 2009. He has served as a consultant and advisor on policies of immigration, multiculturalism, race relations and social statistics to several federal departments, and in 2001, received the Living in Harmony recognition award by the race relations committee of the City of Saskatoon.

RSC Citation:

Peter Li, one of the most accomplished sociologists in North America, is a pioneering scholar of the Chinese in Canada. His highly original theoretical and empirical writings on the Chinese, immigration, and race relations have profoundly influenced both academe and the world of public policy. His work has been indispensable in several areas of sociology, and has served as the basis of the Chinese Head Tax Redress movement. His influential writings on immigration explain many aspects of immigrant life, including self-employment, entrepreneurship, economic integration, and racial inequality. He is the author of over seventy academic papers and seven books.

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