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Japan Prize

Description:The Japan Prize is awarded to honor the achievements of people throughout the world, who have contributed to the progress of science and technology and the advancement of world peace and prosperity.
Discipline(s):Science & Technology
In principle, the prize is given for work done in any field of science and technology, but each year two particular fields are designated based on trends within these areas and other considerations. See website for more information.
Eligibility:No distinction is made as to nationality, occupation, race or sex. Only living persons may be named. The award is intended for a single person, but small groups of researchers are also eligible.
Value:Each Japan Prize laureate receives a certificate of merit and a commemorative medal. A cash award of 50 million yen is also presented for each prize category.
Application Procedures:Each year, a fields selection committee organized by The Science and Technology Foundation of Japan chooses the two prize categories. Letters are sent to numerous scholars and researchers throughout the world, requesting nominations for each category in which the award is being made. A selection committee consisting of Japanese scholars is established to choose Japan Prize laureates from among the candidates nominated. The views and evaluations of academics who are well known internationally are sought if necessary. The selection committee will then recommend candidates to the Board of Directors of the Foundation. After having given serious consideration to the recommendations of the selection committee, the Directors of the Foundation make their decisions and announce the names of the Japan Prize laureates. The foundation developed a new JPNS (Japan Prize Nomination System) on the Web in order to facilitate the process of the nomination by the Japan Prize Official Nominators of the world.
Contact Information:The Science and Technology Foundation of Japan, Akasaka Twin Tower East, 13th Floor, 17-22, Akasaka 2-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, JAPAN Tel. +81-3-5545-0551 Fax. +81-3-5545-0554 E-mail:
Deadline:February 28

Deadlines on awards may change from year to year. Double-check all deadlines at agency web sites to avoid late-entry disqualification.