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CIHR Health Researcher of the Year

Description:THIS AWARD REQUIRES INSTITUTIONAL APPROVAL. Please contact the awards facilitator if you intend to submit a nomination. The CIHR Health Researcher of the Year Prize is CIHR's most prestigious prize. A career achievement award, it honours and recognizes an exceptional health researcher in any area of health research who has demonstrated significant achievements in advancing knowledge through excellence in research, in capacity building and mentorship and through research and knowledge translation activities that have made a significant impact on improving health and/or the health system. One prize is awarded annually. The purpose of the prize is to provide a significant boost in funding over five years to an exceptional health researcher who is expected to continue to produce research of exceptional merit. PLEASE NOTE: THIS AWARD WAS FORMERLY NAMED THE MICHAEL SMITH PRIZE IN HEALTH RESEARCH
Discipline(s):Health Research
Eligibility:1. The nominee must be an independent researcher. 2. The nominee must be registered at an eligible institution. 3. The nominee must have at least 10 years of experience as an independent investigator and have held a full-time position within a Canadian academic, hospital, not-for-profit or governmental institution or affiliated research institution for at least five continuous years before the nomination deadline. 4. The nominee must be nominated by a member of the Canadian health research community and be endorsed by the executive head of the candidate's institution (i.e. President, Provost, Rector, etc. depending on the institution). Candidates may be nominated on more than one occasion provided that they still meet the eligibility requirements. Note: Individuals may only hold the award once.
Value:The prize consists of a medal and a research grant. The total amount available for this funding opportunity is $ 500,000, enough to fund 1 prize. The maximum amount per prize is $ 100,000 per annum for up to 5 years.
Application Procedures:see website for details
Contact Information:For questions on CIHR funding guidelines, how to apply, and the peer review process contact: Iranga Odette Chikuru Team Lead, Program Delivery Canadian Institutes of Health Research Telephone: 613-948-8393 Fax: 613-954-1800 Email:
Deadline:March 01

Deadlines on awards may change from year to year. Double-check all deadlines at agency web sites to avoid late-entry disqualification.