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Balzan Prize (International Balzan Foundation)

Description:The Balzan Prizes are chosen by the General Prize Committee in two general subject areas: Literature, Moral Sciences and the Arts; and the Physical, Mathematical and Natural Sciences and Medicine. The four Balzan Prizes, two per category, are awarded to scholars, artists and scientists who have distinguished themselves in their fields on an international level. The subject areas in which the awards are granted are rotated, and this special characteristic of the Balzan Prize ensures the promotion and recognition of new or emerging fields of study or research that may have been overlooked by other international awards.
Discipline(s):Multi- or Cross-Disciplinary
Humanistic field includes "literature, moral sciences and the arts"; scientific field includes "medicine and the physical, mathematical and natural sciences."
Eligibility:Specific research areas of eligibility are established each year.
Value:750,000 Swiss francs each. Half is to be designated by the winner for further research, preferably to be carried out by a group that includes young researchers.
Application Procedures:Letter of nomination must include statement of reasons for nomination, bibliography, list of significant publications, etc. See website for details. No individual applications.
Contact Information:International Balzan Foundation "Prize" Piazzetta Umberto Giordano 4 20122 Milano T +39 02 7600 2212 F +39 02 7600 9457
Deadline:March 15

Deadlines on awards may change from year to year. Double-check all deadlines at agency web sites to avoid late-entry disqualification.