University of Saskatchewan

Awards and Recognition

External Awards Database

This database has been developed by the University of Saskatchewan to help faculty members locate provincial, national and international awards and prizes for which they and/or their colleagues may be eligible. It includes awards for teaching, research, outreach, and other scholarly endeavour, and it is searchable alphabetically, by deadline, and by discipline. We are aware that faculty from other universities may also wish to use this resource, and we welcome all such individuals to our website.

Since this database is not extensively cross-referenced, using a range of approaches will allow you to capture the entries you want. In the "Listing by Disciplines" section, for example, art historians might find relevant awards and prizes under "History," "Social Sciences and Humanities" and "Multi- or Cross-Disciplinary" as well as under "Art and Art History."  In the "Deadlines by Month" listings, the "Unspecified" category may include relevant awards. Under "Alphabetical Listings," awards are normally listed by their official titles (e.g. "Humboldt Research Awards" rather than "Alexander von Humboldt Research Awards"; "NSERC John C. Polanyi Prize" rather than "John C. Polanyi Prize" or "Polanyi Prize"). In specific disciplines, awards may be grouped under the name of the organization that offers them rather than listed individually.

If you have any questions or find any errors or significant omissions in this database, please contact the Awards Facilitator at the University of Saskatchewan, who is also happy to help U of S faculty members develop nominations for external awards and prizes.