University of Saskatchewan

Awards and Recognition

How you can help

  • Suggest names of people in your department or elsewhere on campus who might be eligible for awards
  • Encourage colleagues and graduate students - particularly those you supervise and mentor - to think about nominating others and/or being considered for awards. 
  • Advise the Awards Facilitator (in addition to the U of S Research Communications Director and the U of S Director of Communications) if you win an award.
  • If you've written a nomination without assistance of the Awards Facilitator, consider sending a copy of the nomination to the Awards Facilitation office (electronic format preferred). This will assist those who nominate the same individual for other awards in future, and those who nominate other individuals for the same award in future. All such materials will be securely stored and used in confidence.
  • If you know of an award for which you may be eligible but for which no one has thought to nominate you, contact the Awards Facilitator.