University of Saskatchewan

Awards and Recognition

Tips for Successful Award Nominations

  • Read the Call for Nominations carefully. Check the criteria to make sure that your nominee is eligible for the award.
  • Check the deadline and method of submission (electronic or hard copy).
  • Make sure the dean of your department and/or any other university official who needs to be involved knows about and approves your intention to nominate the individual.
  • If only one nomination is permitted from an institution, contact the Awards Facilitator as soon as possible.
  • Develop a checklist of documents that need to be provided and find out how many copies of each document are required.
  • If confidentiality is not an award requirement, immediately enlist the help of the nominee. The nominee is the most useful source of information in the development of any nomination.
  • Start early. Ask for letters of support as soon as possible.
  • If you would like editorial assistance in developing a nomination, contact the Awards Facilitator well ahead of the nomination deadline.